Minimum Viable Agile

Speaking at Agile 2016

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be speaking at Agile 2016 in Atlanta.  My topic will be Minimal Viable Agile. The Agile Alliance conference is the premier conference for Lean and Agile practitioners. It’s an honor to be a speaker.  

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KCDC 2015 Minimum Viable Agile Talk

I gave a talk on Minimum Viable Agile at KCDC 2015 last month. The theme is to find ways to avoid Cargo Cult Agile, and make your own Agile that has the highest value from the least amount of effort.   Minimal Viable Agile from troytuttle

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Coaching Agile Software Teams – Business901 Podcast

I recently participated in Joe Dager’s Lean podcast, Business901.  We talked about Lean, Agile, and some of the latest trends in the software development management world. Some of the topics include: portfolio Kanban, story mapping, limiting WIP, NoEstimates, and Minimal Viable Agile. Enjoy!

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