Coaching Agile Software Teams – Business901 Podcast

I recently participated in Joe Dager’s Lean podcast, Business901.  We talked about Lean, Agile, and some of the latest trends in the software development management world. Some of the topics include: portfolio Kanban, story mapping, limiting WIP, NoEstimates, and Minimal Viable Agile. Enjoy! http://business901.com/blog1/coaching-agile-software-teams/

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Speaking at KCDC

I will be participating in, and speaking at the 2014 Kansas City Developer’s Conference May 15, 16, 17.  I’m actually doing three sessions this year. An all-day “pre-compiler” and two regular talks. My pre-compiler was sold out for a time, but we’ve expanded the capacity slightly, and now there is room for more. But you may […]

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